Got a brief “window of opportunity”- last meeting up here until April is tomorrow evening, should be done by 8. Rain changing to snow and temps dropping below freezing by dawn, with another 3 inches of the white stuff expected. And the frozen septic system? Tried it again today, drainfield looks to be complete blocked with ice. What the hell, time to surrender!

And sweet surrender it is, ’cause I’ll have time to make the last couple days of Daytona, spend a couple weeks at my tin shack by the Everglades, then maybe catch the Louisville Truck Show on the way home. And I’ve had an airhead hanging around here waiting for a ride to Florida…


Yup, that’s a motorcycle headlight peeking through the tailgate of a VW Golf Sportwagen TDI!ImageTurned out to be an easy fit… Field strip (remove seat, fuel tank, and battery), drain fluids, and remove wheels. Lay the airhead on it’s side, then lift with the come-along and carefully slide into the VW. Sure beats watching a little trailer with your bike on top dance around on icy roads. Plenty of space left to pack the tires, tank, seat, etc. in there along with tools and riding gear, but that’s tomorrow’s task. And for the return trip… My sister in law wants my tin shack’s too fancy dining table set, or should I bring the Buell back to Minnesota?

And I ain’t even put a rooftop cargo carrier or a hitch on the Sportwagen yet…