DSC_2010Tractors so big, it’s hard to get all of ’em in the picture… That’s the midsize Rumley Oilpull, guaranteed to run on kerosene!

DSC_2011Not guaranteed, but won’t need much gas, ethanol, or rotgut liquor to run all day… Another survivor from the golden age of garden tractors.


And guaranteed not to fly.

DSC_2017What the… ? Looks like an “Iron Curtain” vintage clone of a Ford N or Ferguson, but with a diesel engine… Anybody recognize the crest?

DSC_2021They say that articulated tractors are the “big dogs” on the farm… Here’s your chance to run with the “big dogs” on a budget! Careful you don’t run into any big dogs with it, though.

DSC_2023Long “orphaned” Silver King” tractor… Too bad we can only buy green, red, or blue tractors today.

DSC_2030Needed to get some “motorcycle” content in here, though it probly don’t go no faster than the tractors.

DSC_2036Well, at least we get a rainbow of colors…

DSC_2043Nice trio of Ferguson diesels, camouflaged in Massey red.

DSC_2046Ford N series done died and gone to street rod heaven…

DSC_2057Dang good tractor pullin’ too… This was one of several 300+ foot pulls, and this was as dramatic as it got!

DSC_2063Then again, some pullin’ tractors are just drama queens…

DSC_2069The end.

Spent the better part of a day on the vast Flywheelers grounds, and I barely had time to scratch the surface of all the gearhead goodness there. If you find yourself in mid Florida in the middle of january, stop by and enjoy the show!