Did someone find the tooling in an abandoned 3rd world factory? Is “old stock” lost in the warehouses for decades suddenly seeing the light of day through the loading dock doors? Are new airheads being assembled from parts stocks?

No, No, and Yes… And it says something of the appreciating appreciation of airheads that a BMW dealer spent over $40,000 to build a new one from parts!


And while Max BMW had the luxury of a vast stock of new parts, we weren’t afraid to make our own- Here our host Roger is machining an oversize drain plug.

ImageThis beauty was the recipient of an engine and transmission rebuild at last year’s tech days.

ImageAirhead teamwork at it’s best, replacing an unexpected leaking rear main seal before refitting the now “circlipped” transmission.

ImageAnd our airhead “army” marches with full stomachs, thanks to the tireless efforts of our kitchen crew!

ImageJust a bit of our airhead “tent city” that swelled the town’s population of riders as well as airheads for the weekend. There were more happy campers out of photo view, as well as a few riders crashin’ on the porch and in the shop as well.

ImageFlorida Airmarshall Kevin demonstrating proper transmission shimming technique.

ImageAirhead quality control inspection… The rebuilt transmission is successfully run through the gears!

ImageMeanwhile, freshly rebuilt forks get their fill…

ImageNight falls, but our airhead shop ain’t shuttin down… Work continued reviving a dead charging system until 1 am!

ImageSunday morn, and another revived airhead hit’s the road, or at least the driveway… Those 1990 plates need updating before hittin’ the streets!

ImageAfter a routine oil change and sorting out multiple charging system problems, young Andy from Miami heads out for a test ride. We cleaned just about every electrical contact on the bike, and with the help of used parts from other airhead’s parts stashes Andy can ride all night now.

So if your searching through the scant internet listings of airheads for sale and hoping we can (re)build more, we’re workin’ on it. But while we put a few airheads back on the road this delightfully long weekend, there’s only one Naples Airhead Tech Days and it only happens once a year. So if you have or will soon have an old airhead in need of reviving or just maintaining, join us at http://www.airheads.org and support your local airhead club’s tech days… The airhead you save may be your own!