The logistics are complete, with never before seen volumes of microbrews, shop towels, airhead parts, and beans stockpiled in a secret Naples area location. A day before the event officially began, a half dozen whole bikes were already apart and I lost track of how many parts of bikes. Near hourly parts dispatches are arriving from the farthest reaches of Florida and even New England. Yup, it’s happening again!

ImageCrowded shop it was, and ‘cept for the brief rains we had overflow on the driveway too, with no less than eight airheads under repair at once. And these weren’t easy-peasy oil changes and valve adjustments either, we’re bringing no less than three airheads back from the dead- a formerly flooded /2, 17 year parked RS, and a /5 last licensed in ’90. Two of those three have already roared back to life, and wouldn’t be surprised if the 3rd isn’t running tomorrow.

ImageEven the mere two decades old “runners” posed challenges, like this ’91 R100GS gearbox that will get the transmission circlip that BMW forgot tomorrow…ImageOnly missing 3 balls and the bearing shell split in two, thanks to BMW trying to save a few pennies. ImageOur tireless techs tag teaming an airhead powered Chang Jang…  If it’s aircooled and has the slightest thread of BMW DNA, it’s fair game!

ImageAnd as darkness fell, our airhead techs paused only for a brief supper before working into the night.

ImageAnd if the airheads weren’t enough gearhead entertainment… Yes, it runs!

But eventually, even airheads have to kick back and enjoy the airhead sacraments…ImageMe, I’m gonna get some sleep and get rested up for tomorrow!