The console was dead, so I plugged the linux memory stick into my netbook and plugged into the network. The network looked to be fine, but there was no power to run the actuators and such, and actuators big enough to move a 30 ton container need a lot of power. Still no carbon based lifeforms in sight, and it was getting cold. Tried the electric “car”, and while I left it with charged batteries, all the tablet key would do is light up it’s empty screen- without the network it and the car were useless.

Look out the window and as the moon set I saw glimpse of something yellow in the snow… Is that a Ski-Do? Well, nothing else is working, so what the heck! Put my arctic gear on, propped the door open, and went out to investigate. Gas tank is full, but smells decades old. First couple pulls on the starter cord brought forth an aura of decades old oil, but on the third try the yellow beast coughed, fired, and settled to as smooth an idle a thumper industrial engine can manage. My best bet for survival looked to be the railroad station, and I rode that direction.

A couple giant columns of smoke and freezing steam appeared, approaching the station. What’s this… Double headed Big Boys? My revived Ski-Do and the train reached the station together, and I was just in time to see Santa climb down from the cab while a horde of elves attended to the train… Are those UP safety vests under those green togs? Behind, the longest train of classic coach cars I’ve ever seen emptied out, the passengers donning green vests over their brown and blue uniforms as they sprinted to the hub.

The biggest sunrise sort in history was on! The techs quickly had the power on, the Big Boys were wyed and hook to a rapidly loading southbound freight, and like giant ants a horde of brown and white trucks backed up to the docks and loaded… Christmas was saved!