OK, this is the “before” picture:


As you can see, barely enough space to get the Golf TDI in their in case a hailstorm suddenly shows up, which has been known to happen here on the Buffalo Ridge. The two bikes on the right shouldn’t be there, and I pulled them out to make a little more room before I brought the Golf in for some work. When I’m having a bad day (like today) rolling solo bikes around is iffy… So I should find them a neat “pull through” parking space where I can just set the kickstand down with no further fussin’ around. My earth sheltered home has a generous four foot wide overhang on the front, and there’s a spot in front of the living room/two wheeler shop that I’ve been attempting gardening in… Perhaps I should put down some paving stones and make that the two wheeler parking place?

On to the “work”…DSC_1724

I know, we got problems here… Left one pair of jackstands at my edge o’ the Everglades abode, and the other is occupied holding up the posterior of the rusty Ranger. So I end up with only the eight inch or so extra clearance the ramp gives me, and a can barely scooch under their to install a replacement plastic panel in the vicinity of the rear axle… This explains why I’m still sore three hours later. With a concrete floor and a concrete ceiling but eight foot above, no way can I get a big ‘ol post lift in this gimp’s garage. But clearly my next acquisition should be the highest lifting floor jack that’ll fit under a car and jack stands to match!

But one simple adaptation did work out well…DSC_1725

Whilst gorging on metric fasteners by the pound at Mac’s sale, they had these little dollies on sale for a penny less than $10, so I couldn’t resist. Works nice to have the tools down low next to you and roll them along as you move. And these thousand pound (reputed) capacity dollies are versitile- I’ve got one holding up the front of the Mini and another the rear of the GS… Gonna have to get more of these!

So I need to unclutter the shop- even with it’s 24 foot width, 3 cars/sidecars wide is pushin’ it. Moving the two wheelers and anything else that’ll fit through the front door elsewhere and some higher lift jacks will give some less contortionist working space.  Been looking at mechanics stools, but haven’t found anything I like, so I’ll probably keep re-purposing cheap used office chairs. Debating a cycle lift, but if I’m gonna end up hack’n most of my bikes, why bother? Same with the “No-Mar’ tire changer I’ve been eye’n… with my back and MS, my tire bustin’ days may be over. Anybody got a “No-Mar” and can tell me how much back strength it requires? TIA, as always…