I know, the world’s finances are about to implode and you need to put the storm windows on and a thousand other things, but that all can wait… This is one of the finest autumns in memory, so get out and enjoy it! Here in southwest MN we still haven’t had a frost, with daily highs often into the 70s… Had the windows open yesterday. Until winter finally closes in, the world is your oyster, so enjoy it!

After Mondays less than comfortable 20 miles on the F800S, I’m trying the ‘ol R65LS today…. Hip feels better, but sore in the lower back. Unlike the “take it or leave it” ergos of the F800S, any discomfort with an airhead is easily fixed- the pegs adjust vertically, and the garden variety 22 mm. bars are easily swapped for a friendlier bend. In fact, I’ve got a few slightly higher ones than the current R100R bars on the shelf that should solve the problem. Adjustable motorcycles… What a concept!

Pulled the tranny out of the R100GS and verified the leaking seal, then noticed in the parts fiche that there was a tighter fitting seal for the paralevers, and I wasn’t using it. Thanks to Tom Cutter of the Rubber Chicken Racing Garage for confirming my suspicions… Toms a great guy that freely shares his decades of expertise in working on Euro motorcycles, and he did a great job on my trashed R80ST heads.

Well, 5 hours ’til sundown, time to get out and ride!