Yup, there’s another horde besides the one in Nebraska going on the auction block this weekend. Yup, tiny Pierce, NE will be invaded by thousands of old chevy addicts with more money than brains. You probably already know the details- small town Chevy dealer never threw anything away, and now decides to turn the collection into cash. Stupid, in my book- They could have started an awesome Chevy museum that would draw tourists and their $$$ to their dying small town for decades to come. But it’s going to be an awesome auction put on by Yvette VanDerBrink, an up and comer in the auction biz who always puts on a class event, and the only woman auctioneer I know.

But while the old car world is focused on northeast Nebraska, a much less publicized horde will be dispersed in central South Dakota. Yup, one of the fringe benefits of populaton loss and lots of cheap storage space is that we tend to horde stuff out here, and the deeper into the plains you get, the better the hordes and the lower the prices. This is another old skool small town dealer, but in this case they’re still very much in business and looks like they’re doing some housekeeping and clearing out some used bike inventory. Here’s the website:  http://www.sdauctions.com/index.php?cmd=prevauction&id=9330 .

Not a whole lot of blockbusters their like a Mach 1 Kawi, RD350, XLCR, or sand cast Honda 750… But some interesting bikes none the less. I suspect the Harleys will draw some high bids, but when you put a few dozen decades old Japanese bikes on the block in a rural area where maybe 20,000 people live within a  hundred mile radius and most aren’t into motorcycles, expect the market to be saturated and bids scarce after the choice bikes are sold. After the Harleys I suspect the running bikes over 250 cc. will go for over $500 and the running CX500 could easily top a thousand. But looking at the complete non runners… Does anyone out there even know what a Hodaka is? And then there’s the parts- Kinda hard to tell from the pix, but I see dozens of gas tanks and who knows what all else there… Maybe just what you need to complete that restoration?

I have the good fortune of being within day trip distance of both auctions, and I’m tempted to ride down to Nebraska for the preview day on friday, but it’s probably gonna rain. But I’d be just a spectator there- Sorry, but even a half dozen “new” 1st generation Corvairs don’t move me. Now if they were 2nd generation… But I’m having trouble resisting hooking the trailer to the TDI and making the 200+ mile road trip to Pierre at 5 am saturday morning. But the trailer is under a Ford Ranger pickup box, reminding me that I’ve got enough projects already!