ImageBesides all the other goodness goin’ on at the Very Boring Rally, it was the site of the National Observed Trials Championship. ImageU.S. military,take note: You spend millions, even billions, to put soldiers on top of remote mountaintop and such locations. Give these guys and gals a few gallons of premix and some beer afterwards, and they’ll do the same job for free. Besides, you’ll get much better PR… Countries will invite you to invade them!ImageThat was one of the smaller near vertical precipices the trials riders conquered… walls so steep you’d need to be a pretty good climber to top them, or have an ample supply of ropes, pitons, etc..ImageNow some credit must be given to the bikes… These wonders of modern high tech weigh next to nothing, produce instant power,  and their supple suspensions laugh at boulders.ImageExcept for this classic Bultaco(?), probably at least twice this riders age. “Twas also a ’74 Yamaha 250 present with rider of similar vintage that acquitted themselves well. OOPS… That’s an early 70s Yamaha, I’ll post the Bultaco later… If I can find it!ImageNow most of us have trouble parking our bikes in a tight space on a hard level surface, with both feet on the ground … These guys and gals do twists and turns and ups and downs tighter than we can imagine. And they’re penalized points for as much as dabbing a foot down for a second, and the winners are the riders who accrue the least of these penalty points.

Like tractor pulling, it sounds easy… Till you see it!