As i write, a few hundred thousand lemmings on 2 and 3 wheels on cookie cutter V-Twin powered products of HOG(NYSE) and clones are being attracted by some perverse magnetic field to Sturgis(TM). Yup, it’s to the point that the poor city of Sturgis has to pay licensing rights to use it’s own name. For the last few days, Interstate 90 has been a sad scene that probably has President Eisenhower, father of the Interstate System, restless in his grave… The normally quiet and fast I-90 has been slowed to a crawl by Harleys. The rest areas are choked with riders trying to recover from the discomfort of riding their Harleys. And I wouldn’t want to be a UPS driver running a hundred foot long set of triples this on I-90 this week… Reportedly the last rest area before Sturgis is jammed with Harley riders unloading their 2 and 3 wheeled torture devices from their trailers so they can look cool riding the last few miles into Sturgis. In fact, probably the only thing making good time on I-90 for the next week will be the Motorhomes with trailerfuls of Harleys in tow, running 90 on 90 in a race to see which will blows, the engine or those decade old “duals”.

Dearest lemmings, it doesn’t have to be this way… There’s a better way to do the “V”…Image

Twistin’ the V ninety degrees means the cylinders are out in the cooling air, no crude cooling workarounds needed. And those cylinders are Nikasil plated aluminum for light weight, long life, and better cooling. Twistin’ the V means an automotive style transmission and long lived shaft drive too… no more broken belts ruining trips to Sturgis or the local supermarket. And these are modern engines that will run away and hide from any Harley but the Porsche designed V-Rod that HOG(NYSE)’s been hidin’. Price? The biggest and bestest bagger in the Guzzi lineup ain’t even $20k! Riders of the HOG, revolt! You have only your breakin’ belts, overheating engines, and perpetual payments and repair bills to lose!

As you can imagine, the Guzzi tends to attract a more discerning class of rider, one who shuns mud wrestling but might take in the odd tractor pull. And they do rallies better than anybody… DSC_1395

Welcome to the Wisconsin Moto Guzzi rally, while the Harley riders followed I-90 to Sturgis(TM), we moved into the vacuum. “The right crowd, and no crowding”… Not to sound snobbish, but 300 civilized Guzzi and similar riders spread over several acres sure beats the hell out of “camping” at the 24 hour “war zone” otherwise known as the Buffalo Crap. And the food… It never stops! Wisconsin brats last night, craft cheeses and sausages for snacks, more breakfast than we knew what to do with, and tonight a mega feed with beef AND pork, then  a “ton for the road” breakfast tomorrow. May have to set the preload on the springs up a bit…

So if you’re reading this on an overcrowded bus coming home fron Sturgis(TM) cause you Harley died too, you’re divorcing your spouse, or you’re about to be divorced… Help is as close as the several Moto Guzzi dealers conveniently located along your route home. But please, don’t try to trade in your Harley…