A Harley stimulates the heart, a Guzzi stimulates the soul…Image

Every year, over a hundred thousand middle aged and older adults seek stimulation of their hearts and a bunch of other things by purchasing a Harley-Davidson “motorcycle”… They could have saved money and bought an portable defibrillator instead. A much smaller group with much better taste in motorcycles and otherwise stimulate their souls with Moto Guzzis…ImageAnd they’ve been stirring souls for a long, long, time.ImageErik Buell, eat your heart out! Before you were even raising’ hell on  bicycle, Guzzi was into the “mass centralization” thing with suspension under the engine. And that engine had exposed valve gear, with a thoughtfully provided oil supply line so the rider wouldn’t have to give it a squirt from the oil can whilst ridin’.ImageA literal litter of sporting Italian singles.ImageGuzzis ‘hack well too!ImageImageMoto Morini 500 cc. flat tracker… I should have saved a sound file!

As always at Guzzi rallies, ’twas a great weekend with plentiful food & fun. My only complaint was the loud music on saturday night- not from us riders, we crashed early… The City swimming pool was open ’til midnight, and their loud music and “cannonballs” off the diving board kept us awake! Meanwhile, the tattooed bunch next to me disappeared to their tents by ten and were the last to rise in the morn’…