If you’ve followed the posts here, trucking, especially the legendary long haul variety, has “caught the westbound”… That’s hobo speak for deceased, as intermodal trains with a couple hundred trailers and containers aboard pass by on the major transcontinental routes every couple hours, driverless.

ImageThe Bandag Bandit, a classic 2 stroke Detroit powered race truck in all it’s glory, capable of 13 second quarter miles.

ImageAwesome collection of handmade wood models, authentic to the “T”… Transcom really did run cabover Freighliners just like that!ImageH model Mack…ImageHow many Hendrickson’s can ya handle in one place… ‘Twas about a half dozen of them there, and I doubt Hendrickson ever built over a thousand trucks a year.Image60s IH 4070 and 70s KW K100 VITImageFreighliner Cabover row, from back in the days when they didn’t even build conventionals. The first is an authentic 60s fleet truck down to the detail complete with aluminum frame, and the second is a pre-tilt cab “bubblenose”.ImageClassic Autocar, another victim of Volvo mismanagement… Would Paccar have passed Volvo in North American sales if this Autocar was still built?ImageMonochrome Ford CLT… Who needs long nose conventionals with cabovers this cool?ImageFord W series and Freightliner cabover, working trucks from the 60s.ImageImageYup, we used to work here… “armstrong” power steering, “255” air conditioning, and I still miss those cool Hades fans!Image60s IH “Emeryville” cabovers.Image50s IH “high binder”, cab look familiar?Image50s KW “bullnose”, and the cab doesn’t tilt… Maybe that’s why the old truck mechanics were so skinny?ImageOf course, had to have a representative of the other side of the Paccar family… 70s Peterbuilt

And yes, there were all kinds of late model long nose KWs and Petes their too, but they’re like cookie-cutter Harleys, thousands of ’em out there littering the land and no point in wasting pixels on ’em. Lots of lone recruiters for trucking firms too, but looks like the trucker wannabes have wised up and figured out that McDonalds pays better and you don’t have to live in the back of the parking lot.

Thanks to the Elkhader public library for the awesome bandwidth that allowed all those pix to fly right up to the web, and I better get back to takin’ pix of all the Guzzis here!