Lovely week of weather ahead, but bein’ the 4th is in said week, none dareth schedule a rally this week= No long rides to the rally this week. Maybe just as well, given that the resort areas will be clogged with weekend warriors learning by doing the art of fitting 8 foot wide RVs down 9 foot wide rural lanes… The “doubles” rigs with a pickup towing a fith wheel RV towing a big ol’ boat are especially humorous! 

So for the next week I’m keepin’ my ridin’ local here on the Buffalo Ridge, rationing myself to a tankful a day of go juice. So here’s today’s travels, a whole 5 miles down the road…

The Image

The Ruthton, MN fire station and hack’d R80ST. Course, I took the long way and ’bout doubled that mileage, then added the odd six or seven more ridin’ up to the Tyler, MN public library where I’m takin’ advantage of the WiFi to upload this tome. Bike’s running good, so I may lengthen the excursion up to Ivanhoe for a $1.25 ice cream cone.