Grossly Overloaded...!

Seems like parade season brings out the worst in “folk engineering”. This looks to be the same dubious eigth inch angle iron framed Carry-On trailer I’m stuck with, barely able to carry it’s own weight. Undaunted, looks like they’ve added a couple feet of extension in the rear, and maybe on the front too. When that proved kinda too unstable, they added caster wheels at each corner, securely(?) U-bolted on to whatever. Having stabilized this sorta rolling conglomeration, they added a canopy, speakers, amplification, “musicians”, and there’s gotta be a generator there somewhere. Hope the plastic 55 gallon drums are empty.

All fine and dandy for 2 MPH parade duty, but that was an hour or so and by now this mechanical misdemeanor is probably headed home on the freeway… I94 and I35W, Traffic Alert!