Yes, the Saudi commission on vice and similar preoccupations has reversed their ban and allowed women to bicycle… And confusing things as most moralists do, they included motorcyclists in this wide enough to ride a hack’d Gold Wing through loophole in their ban on women driving. There’s a few other requirements too- full coverage of any of that seductive skin, have to be accompanied by a male relative, can only ride for “recreation”, etc.. A stitch and a full coverage helmet should fulfill the dress requirement, any remotely related rug rat on the pillion should satisfy the “male accompaniment” requirement and provide excuse to add a ‘hack when said male relation grows older and heavier, and every motorcycle ride provides “recreation”.

I’d suggest the scooter and motorcycle makers up production and beef up their dealership networks in the Saudi kingdom… Who knows what hordes of loose women on two wheels the official defenders of Saudi “morals” may have turned loose!