Or make that the leather work gloves, and insulated ones at that. Florida Airhead Tech Days, your supremacy has been challenged!


The parking area pix certainly matches Florida’s, but with not a /2 in sight I had to settle for a /5 to frame the photo. And the shop was busy too:

ImageReplacing pushrod seals on an R100GS… Sorry, no “from the crank out” engine rebuilds, we’re simply too nice with our machinery up here. Yah, sure…

ImageBut we did bust open a tranny, with the full “sturm and drag” theatrics involving an impact wrench and lengthy breaker bar as well as the pictured flames. Disassembled said tranny, reassembly delayed while awaiting parts I assume. 

ImageAnd we attempted to untangle a tangled /5 electrical “system”.

OK, FLairheads, I’ll concede defeat… We had a mere 3 bikes apart at once compared to your 7, and though our host Minnesota Air Marshall Curt Henry offered overnight camping, I don’t think anyone took him up on it. Maybe best that we didn’t get Curt in conflict with his suburb’s zoning commissars, And the FLairheads do have the advantage of being in a state with no local government outside the big cities, and helps too that some of the FLairheads have some acreage to work with… I mean, you can hide a lot in a 600 foot deep lot in the tropics! So without near a week to complete our “repairs”, we were kinda careful in how severe a mechanical maladies we took on.

But we ate good- Curt’s most awesome blueberry scones for brunch followed by a leisurely pulled pork with all the trimmin’s lunch. So we matched the esteemed FLairheads in the culinary department. Now if we can just line up a half dozen lifts, a full machine shop at our disposal, and a city that won’t complain if we take up permanent residence. Oh yah, we need some of Florida’s airhead gurus too… Hey guys, gettin’ a little hot and stuffy down there? Maybe wanna come up north for the summer?