ImageI have finally come to understand why winter exists… We need time to R&R our toys! That tree you can barely make out through the blinding snow is not even 100 feet away, and that snow didn’t even add up to an inch, but with 30 MPH gusts that’s all you need to make a near white-out. Took advantage of the weather to stay home, kick back, and do the overdue 48k mile valve check on the F800S. All valves still within spec so I’ve yet acquire the skills to swap shims on them, so I busied myself replacing the leaking valve cover gasket… More coverage on the success (or failure) of that effort later.

Around the bike we have, of course, all the comforts of home: TV tuned to the MN legislature, computer with the big display for following the drama on Facebook during the all too frequent breaks, netbook displaying the BMW online manual, Pure Stodge rally mug of coffee, and a nice fire in the corn stove… What more could a body ask for?