What a week and weekend it’s been- 63 Airhead aficionados signed in, and no doubt a few more didn’t find the sign in sheet. Three transmissions repaired, two rear main seals replaced, fluids changed, valves adjusted, shorts unshorted, classic airheads brought back to life, the local Costco’s inventory seriously depleted, and the porta-potty’s capacity tested. Hey, weren’t records made to be broken?


Yup, that’s a 2005 license tab on that Airhead, came in on a trailer and ridden out after multiple repairs.


This Airhead limped in under it’s own power, and marking it’s trail via a leaking main seal. We fixed that and a bunch of other stuff, then gave it a new Battery, fluid changes, and carb rebuild. Here it roars back to life, soon as the fairing is put back on the happy owner will ride it home!


Proof that not every Airhead is an unreliable machine needing repair… We had no less than eight of the rare R100GS Paris-Dakar model grace us with their presence, and most never had a wrench laid on them. In fact, the deepest we got into these bikes was a “hop up” in the form of an overdrive top gear fitted to a transmission. After installing the bigger gear, the rider reinstalled the transmission and rode back to Tech Daze to add his PD to the lineup! But of course these PDs didn’t need repairs- They’re only a couple decades old!

Ah, but all good things must come to an end, ’til next year at least…