All the carefully orchestrated intro of the wasserboxer was a fake-out, and the hand built prototypes have been crushed, ground, and smelted out of history. Here’s the real story:


The pilot builds have already begun, that’s a new R100GS in the foreground and an R60/7 in the background. Yup, they’ll be building all the classic BMW twins (and singles) here, starting with the last of the airheads and working their way backwards.


Yup, that’s one of our engineers with a development “mule” /2 motor- the cylinders are off while they debate whether to fit traditional iron lined cylinders or new Nikasyl ones. As we speak, the transmission is coming together on the bench, only the 3rd one we’ve seen the insides of so far this Airhead Tech Daze. We already doubled yesterdays pace, with eight (8) airheads under the wrench at once! In other exotica, we just did a valve adjustment & timing on an Airhead engine Chang Jang sidehack outfit.

So much goin’ on here, I’m havin’ to do midday updates… Let the Airhead Tech Daze liveblog begin!