Having solved the worldly problems of global warming (NOT!) here and on dailykos.com , time to get back to reality before I have to write a post on CP rail’s latest loonacy that involves selling off their tracks from just about here to the west. So without further ado, here’s a typical days schedule here at GearheadGrrrl’s Garage:

Sevenish: Get up, have coffee while watching sunrise.

eightish: breakfast and more coffee while surfing web and e-mail

the stroke of 9: Make self presentable in case anybody that cares wanders by

Five after 9: Get involved in multiple threads on the airheads list, Wild Guzzi, AdvRider, and Facebook

10 a.m., promptly: break time

Around 11: Remove rust buggered rear brakes from Ranger,

11:30: Last bit rusted on, treat with penetrating oil, clean up, and prepare for lunch.

Noon: Lunch hour

1 p.m.: First course of lunch finished, check temps and see if warm enough to ride

1:05: temp barely makes it to freezing, resume internet debates

1:30: Last rusted bit excised, start installing new brakes

2 p.m.: Shoe mounting pins bent as well as being rusty pieces of crap, clean up and check inventory at local NAPA.

2:05 p.m.: In stock but still to cold too ride, put on itinerary for tomorrow’s ride when it’s supposed to be warmer.

2:06 p.m.: Knock off for the day! Resume surfing, maybe ride the bicycle around town or wrench on the motorcycle in the living room if I get bored.

Fiveish: Observe sunset, check TV schedule for tonight, forage through cupboards and fridge for supper.

5:30: Turn on financial show on TV to check on investments, remove first course of dinner from microwave, and consume.

6: Resume internet debates and graze on second and later courses of dinner.

Whenever TV gets boring and the internet debate threads die: Eat nightime snack, sleep, repeat!

I know that sounds like a pretty strenuous schedule, but remember- I’m retired!