Sorry for the lack of posts, especially moto related, these last few weeks. First I got into some heavy blogging about the elections… That’s over, thankfully with no major recounts to extend the political silly season into the holiday season and beyond. That fire had barely died out went Twinkie maker Hostess brands, my nemesis and employer for a couple decades, embarked on a corporate murder-suicide. So last week I was cranking out pretty much daily posts on that tragedy, but I did get in a bit of riding time.

Catching up on the gearhead stuff, noted a nail in the side of the Ranger pickups rear tire, explaining the slow cessation of inflation. Removing the offending wheel required a couple day slathering of penetrating oil, followed with some prying and mild bludgeoning to get the wheel off the hub. Broke a wheel stud, then a bit of brake hardware whilst removing the brake drum to get at the stud. And as usual, the busted stud popped right out with a two fingered swing of the rubber mallet! Parts are ordered from the local Napa, who having ordered a whole big roll of oversize wire cover  just to supply me with a couple feet thereof, has now been forgiven for the previous sealer screw up.

Temps are headed for the 50s= Time to go ride!