Yup, it’s the day we trek to the polls and “exercise the franchise”. And we gearheads get to send a message to our elected officials with more than just our ballots… How? Well, we do have our collections of motorcycles, cool cars, trucks, and just about anything on wheels. And so we can send a message…

You see, all the political campaigns and parties have people out watching the polls. And not just the observer that most states allow each party to have- Outside the polling place itself you’ll find a whole encampment of partisan and non poll watchers, persuaders, observers, etc..

And can you imagine when we show up and vote in an election day long parade of motorcycles, classic cars, tough trucks, etc…. Pretty soon they send word back to campaign HQ- “Somethin’ weird’s goin’ on here at my precinct, all kinds of voters are showing up in cool cars and custom bikes. Heck, there’s a whole row of the parking lot that looks like a car and bike show!”. Of course, pretty quick we gearheads reach critical mass and a polling place parking lot election day long bull session begins.

By the time the polls close, the candidates have been summoned to the gearhead gathering areas of the polling place parking lots and they’re suddenly trying to friend us, in 3D and online. Suddenly the politicans want to know what we think of clunker laws and that new freeway project that will replace our favorite rustic road with a superslab, etc….

Vote gearhead!