Given the current boring selection of new cars, I’ve threatened to do a nostalgic 1960s new car intro blog. So heck, given some of the less than stellar politicians parading before us this year, I see no reason that I can’t endorse George Romney for president. George Romney saved Nash and Hudson from bankruptcy, sold America on small cars in the age of “bigger is better”, and saved thousands of jobs. He was a republican who wasn’t afraid to be seen at the head of a civil rights march or raise taxes when needed. And in 1968 he openly opposed the ill fated Vietnam War and gave up his chance of ever being president.

Unfortunately, little of George’s high principles rubbed off on son Mitt. Romney the lesser made a name for himself as a vulture capitalist, stooping so low as to make massive profits from GM’s bankruptcy. Mitt probably disliked the rescue of GM and Chrysler because it deprived him the opportunity to profitably pick over their corporate carcasses. In politics he championed a health care program called Romneycare, then berated it when Obama copied it. And good luck figuring out where Mitt stands on any issue- He’s been on both sides of global warming, reproductive freedom, etc..

George Romney and John F. Kennedy are sadly no longer with us, so our choices on election day 2012 are Mitt Romney and the other guy. I wouldn’t trust Mitt Romney to sweep the floors of the White House subbasement, so I’m endorsing the president whose administration saved the ‘Vette and Mopar as well as the Volt… Barack Obama!