Few weeks back I stopped by the local NAPA store for some sealant to keep the R100GS from slurping oil from it’s pre-paralever tranny to it’s paralever’s cave and on through the rear end and out the breather there. No biggie, but I was tired of refilling the tranny and washing off the back of the bike every couple hundred miles. One of the friendly Airhead gurus advised the Permatex sealant designed for oil, and I went into the local NAPA store and asked for same. Clerk goes over to display and picks out sealant for me, didn’t have my reading glasses on. Sure ‘nough, get home and take a few hours removing driveshaft and other offending parts and set them aside and pull out tube of sealand… It’s the “sensor safe” variant. Put it on anyway, worked for awhile, now leaking again. So much for letting counter help pick parts for me…

Ford’s on my s… list lately too. Still trying to diagnosis the failure to shift into four wheel drive, both Haynes and Clymer manuals no help. Was in the cities so perused the “official” Ford manual at the library. No help either… just 50 pages on how to use the “official” Ford dealer tool to maybe diagnose the problem. Think that Ranger will be my last Ford, for less than $100 VW supplied me with comprehensive manual with circuit diagrams for the ’03 Golf, add $250 for Vag-Com software and cable and I’ve got virtually everything the dealers have. Time to dump some Ford stock?

End of today’s rant.