Unless you’re living in a cave with no radio, cable, cell, or WiFi you’ve been by now saturated by media hype of today’s Apple media event and the expected iPhone5. But where’s the g (for gearheads) phone? Now even the dumbest smartphones know where they’re at within inches and G force sensors and software are abundant. Yup, all it takes is an app and your smart phone could be speedometer, g meter, and data logger. Add some bluetooth enabled sensors and your smart phone could be your tach too as well as temp and pressure guages for engines, etc.. Add weather radar and traffic data and a broadband fm radio chip. Then feed the police band radio feed into a P25 descrambler so you can hear the cop that just got you at 20 over announce his pursuit. Information overload? Set alerts for police within 100 yards, temps beyond historic norms, etc. And enjoy your tunes and the good ‘ol GPS. And oh ya, make all recorded speed and G force data disappear when close range microwave radiation is detected, ‘case the cops figure out how to download such incriminating evidence.

But don’t expect Apple to introduce the gPhone today… The iPhone is a locked down platform and AAPL isn’t about to cut into the volume discounts they’re getting to build a MilSpec iPhone. And would AAPL allow an “antisocial” app that enables speeding, etc. In their appstore? Not likely! Closest thing we can expect from AAPL is an app that painfully reminds you that your electric car has a dead battery.

No, the gPhone is going to have to come from the less locked down Android ecosystem. The hardware is already there, in the form of several Android smart phones and pads hardened to Milspec standards. All we need is some apps…