Ah, the “joys” of being a low level political hack on labor day weekend. I’ve gotten two reminders already that I’m supposed to be going door to door for our candidates in a town 30 miles away… Duh! It’s labor day weekend and not much of anybody with a life will be home. To top it off, the candidates are badly underfunded and don’t have much chance of winning. I’m also supposed to be campaigning today in Duluth, 300 miles across the state. Granted, I need to do some shopping at Aerostitch, but 12 hours riding to an event I can’t even show the hack at ain’t my idea of fun.

And all those folks from the town 30 miles away? Half of ’em will be at “Boxcar Days” at the town 20 miles away, other half will be at a tractor pull 50 miles away. “Boxcar Days” has a three day weekend long old tractor and whatever show with a parade on Monday, and my ‘hack is welcome… So that’s where I’m gonna be!