Sorry for the drought in posts… Too busy riding!

Started out Sunday with a 50 mile ride to the Hanley Falls Threshing Show… The steamer tractors were a hoot, and all the “Binders” were an inspiration for my last post. Great day for riding, so took the long way home= 150 miles.

Tuesday took in some newer tractors and political debate at Farmfest and a corn feed on the way home= 130 miles on the hack’d ’84 R65LS.

Thursday and Friday made my pilgrimage to the Hobo Convention in Britt= 370 miles, two trains observed, and three hobos busted by UP bulls with nothing better to do.

Saturday was a 2 lane blitz to Moorhead Pride and back= 410 fun miles, mostly on county roads.

Whew… Got enough material for several more posts on the hobo spirit, are tractors getting too big, etc.. Now if I can just find time to write them!