I’d held off comment on the wisdom(?) of BMWMOA’s picking Missouri for a rally in July until I had the stats on attendance, ambulance trips for heat illness, etc.. Still no numbers on the ambulance runs, but attendance was barely over 5000… This rally usually draws 8000 or so riders and the record is around 10,000. From what I read around the gearhead interwebs, a lot of riders displayed more wisdom that BMW and rode somewhere cooler or stayed home.

Now it’s not rocket science that the planet is getting hotter, which means if your holding an outdoor event in North America in july you need to have it up north, near a big body of temperate water, at altitude, or all of the above. BMWMOA may have wised up or maybe it’s coincidence, but they’ve scheduled next years rally in Salem, Oregon.

I say maybe coincidence, because BMWMOA of late seems to be morphing into a motorcycle travel agency. Travel agencies don’t much care for a band of riders that sleep in tents… Heck, the kickback from the m/hotels is a big chunk of their income. So I suspect that BMWMOA doesn’t give a rat’s posterior about heat indexes and such.

Now I come from the great congregation of the riding fraternity that believe that a tent is a temple, it’s pyramidal shape focusing good spiritual vibes between the occupying rider and the heavens above. You can’t get that kind of experience in a motel room, especially when the motel has jacked the rates to over a hundred a night, the AC is busted, and all there is too do is watch Speed Channel all day ’cause it’s too hot to ride.

Think I got just over a year left on my BMWMOA membership… I’ll wait and see where they book their 2014 rally before I re-up!