‘Bout a week back I proposed a more interesting 1000 miles in 24 hours run- On two lanes predominately and with some gravel roads and urban streets thrown in too. Got a chance to take the concept for a test ride friday… Wow!

Got to bed by 10 pm and up at 4:30 am, on the bike and rolling around 5:15. Goal was a circumnavigation of the Buffalo Ridge, the geographic feature stretching from SW ND across SD and MN to NW IA that I happen to live on. Started with a southern loop following the ride down to the Iowa great lakes region. 220 miles, all 2 lane, ‘cept for a half dozen miles of 35 MPH main street through Worthington. Stopped home for the mandatory sit down meal, a salad in attempt to balance out the junk food expected later. Warmed up nicely so stuffed the sweater and insulated gloves in the tank bag. Headed NNW up the ridge, flirting with occasional sprinkles. Grabbed a ‘Dew and turned home in Forman, ND, following the hauntingly beautiful western slope of the Coteau des Prairies SSW into SD. Finally turned home at around 800 kilos, past Hubert Humphrey’s birthplace in Wallace SD. Only 5 pm and wide awake, so I stop at Micky D’s supper club in Watertown for a burger and WiFi- spent a whole hour goofing off. Tempted to go for more miles, but sprinkles starting up again… But I didn’t beeline home ’til I saw  lightning while crossing the border back to MN. Home just before 8 pm with over an hour of daylight left and 1050 kilometers ridden for the day. Had some chili, vegged out in front of the TV, and fell asleep in the easy chair at 10 pm… Good thing I didn’t try to ride for 24 hours straight!

Not a single one of those miles was on a freeway, and every one was a gas! Saw an old railroad grade up in Roberts County I never knew was there and discovered a couple ghost towns and many more headed in that direction. Also committed to memory the locations of a few more interesting tractors and such. This is what long distance riding ought to be!