Boyd is a town on Minnesota’s western prairies that I remember most for the exquisite collection of vintage tin about town. While most of those old cars and trucks are “sleeping”, once a year the town roars to life… KZ1000 powered garden tractors a pullin’, tractors of the yellow, orange, and green persuasions, classic Mustangs and T-Birds, what’s not to like?

That tractor-trailer rig is claimed to be a replica of the company’s first rig from the late 1940s… OK, I know stainless lasts forever, but the trailer looks a lot less than 6 decades old. It does have spoke wheels that looks 60ish, leading me to suspect the trailer spent it’s working life in a truck and trailer combination.

And why I’m here… Campaigning! The GS has survived 300 miles on the campaign trail and over a thousand miles since being dragged back from the dead… I may get my money’s worth out of this lemon yet. No more parades ’til friday at least, so time to pull the GS into the shop for some overdue minor fixes- get the headlight to stay adjusted, fork seals, etc.. And with the GS being reliable for a change, the ’84 LS is easing into retirement while I debug the Guzzi in anticipation of hackin’ later this year.

See ya on the campaign trail!