Spiting my worries, the “GS dragged back from the dead” has acquitted itself well on the campaign trail. Did two parades in high 80s temps, each involving a 100+ mile round trip ride too the parade. No oil sneaking out the final drive vent, at least ’til I parked it on an uphill slant this morning. The phantom clutch slip reappeared 200 miles ago, but has just as mysteriously disappeared. Max oil temp was 280 degrees at the end of both parades, about the same as it got to on the ride to the parades. Even got the headlight aim half sorted out… May finish that repair and deal with the leaking front fork seals between parades this week.

The BMW “MINI” in our parade contingent was not so lucky. For those of you intentionally ignoring four wheeler “developments” (and I can’t blame you), BMW borged the company that made the real Mini, killed it off, and replaced it with a BMW sized carciture of one of the greatest cars of any century. Granted, the original Cooper S did not fare well in the heat, but after I replaced the blown originals with the better cooled Austin America block and head, my Cooper S would stay cool in the worst of traffic. Of course, helps that there’s a permanently engaged fan drawing air through the left tire well and through the radiator and I upgraded said radiator.

But after a half century of “progress”, the BMW “MINI”, despite having nearly twice the mass of the original, just can’t keep it’s cool. After about a mile of fairly brisk parade (walking) pace, we came to the parades end and I parked behind the BMW “MINI” and set about taking off all the flags, signs, etc. to prepare the GS for the ride home. Completing my task, I note that the BMW “MINI” is still there, it’s hood up. Turns out it’s CEL is on ($25 and they don’t even give you a temp guage”) Won’t start either- vapor lock or it’s computer is trying to outsmart us? I slowly water the BMW “MINI”‘s motor with the water I hadn’t needed for the airhead, and after the boiling ceased it managed a restart.

Not a good day for BMW’s play for the “youth market”…