That’s us, drooling over Ernie’s new TILE! shop floor… The bar has been raised, I may have to (window) shop for tile on the way home. Oh, and we wrenched a bit too- that’s a brake bleeding in progress on the left and a front fork rebuild on the right.  We performed a carb synch check too and a few other odd maintainence chores… But mostly spent the day in airhead brotherhood (women, quit buying them stupid cruisers and get a real motorcycle, like an Airhead!), BSing and enjoying Ernie and his lovely wife’s fine cooking. I left my misbehaving airheads (the GS and ST) home and rode my decent running airhead, the R65LS, to the Tech Day. The LS is probably my best running Airhead because I haven’t “fixed” it much- 69k when the odo died plus 1200 hours on the hour meter= 100k+ miles and the compression is half way from new to “replace” specs and the splines are @50%. Maintaining the discipline that has given this machine it’s longevity, no wrench touched it the whole tech day… There’s a moral there somewhere.