Startin’ to miss the little 4 by 8 I had to leave in Florida. But not missing it’s Chinese axle that nobody carries parts for at all… Carry-On Trailers and TSC, you’ve lost a customer for life! Damn, those little trailers come in handy though- hook one to my VW Golf dieselcar and I get 40 MPG with the payload of a small pickup.

Couple weeks back I walked out of a Running’s farm store in Springfield, MN, having killed time while waiting for the mornin’ fog to clear. The fog cleared, behind the store I noticed a sign- “Teske Trailers”. Yup, Runnings and TSC were importing trailers from Georgia with Chinese parts while right in their literal backyard was a local supplier!

Check out – Though to be honest, the website doesn’t do them justice. So let’s compare Teske with Carry-On. First, Teske uses only American made axles. Strength- Carry-On’s standard 4 by 8 trailer is framed with 2″ by 2″ angle iron, and none too thick at that. Teske uses 2″ by 3″, adds at least one more crossmember, and a couple extra diagonal braces. Paint? Well, Carry-On trailers reputedly are painted at the factory, though some of that paint doesn’t appear to make it to the dealer’s, and it’s all downhill from there. Teske applies a durable powder coat finish. Price? Looks to be about $50 more initially for Teske, but my Carry-On has cost me over $200 in repairs and travel expenses due to it’s breakdown, and it’s still cooking bearings and thus marooned in Florida..

And the best thing about Teske… There right nearby for me and offer scratch ‘n’ dent deals at the factory! I’m watching their lot for a 4 by 8…