That’s the link to an ad for a cycle shop and scrapyard in a tiny town in southeast North Dakota. A place where land and buildings are cheap and nobody cares how many motorcycles or whatever you’ve got, provided you don’t throw ’em in a good fishin’ lake. It’s no accident I keep finding these finds out there… Given enough space, folks just relax and don’t really mind the odd collection of old iron. Thus all the old iron that the city folks can’t stand ends up out here, spread large across the countryside and preserved forever. Like the Porsche tractor collection just across the border in South Dakota, or the fields of Jeeps, tractors, trucks, cars, and a couple two stroke bikes west of Aberdeen. Or the rust free MG Midget that went for $725 one county east of here.

I’ve now becoming obscessed with checking out this hoard of old bikes, so given a day of nice weather I may take  ride up and have a look… And report my findings here, of course!