OK, I’ll keep it “family friendly”, as I didn’t get any pix of the puke of the (in)famous rider from Miami who perhaps drank a bit much… But he, like everyone else inebriated, didn’t ride a meter after inbibing. Thus the only “injury” was to his “rep”. Thanks, North East Florida BMW club, for the shuttle bus and everything else that added up to a great rally!


Sorry, couldn’t get “crop” to remove the overly large shadow of the photographer… Maybe dieting would help?  Yup, that’s a ‘hack’d R27, an’ he rode it all the way from the panhandle in freezing temps… Bit less wind chill at 40 MPH! Next thing you know, Kevin will add a trailer to slow this overpowered machine down to safer speeds, like 30 MPH. Fear not, ‘bahn pilots- this overloaded outfit’s BMW tranny lacks a low range, so gradeability (or lack of same) pretty much confines it to Flatistan.


Space aliens secretly land on Flatistan military base? No, just the riders meeting before the base tour that included dirt “roads”. For the more severely demented, they had a GS ride… Wonder if anybody got lost in the tank traps?


Note the “Buell” badging and accessories… Is this HOG(NYSE)’s secret replacement for the “overpowered” Blast, bought at the surplus auction after HOG(NYSE) closed their Flatistan secret test facility near Naples? No, just some sort of a Ruckus or similar lined up for the base tour.


Honda NX250, hard at work! Im still abusing myself for passing on one of these rare gems a couple years ago.


Yup, that Buell was ridden all the way down from Minnesnowta…. On Memorial Day weekend a couple years ago, with but one tranny failure the whole trip! Whenever I’m short of new material for this blog, all I need to do is write about my Buell…


Once again, around 500 BMW and similarly afflicted riders turned out for this annual exercise in hypothermia. While the wimps cowered in the base’s more than ample housing, the Airheads, true to Club Canons, roasted around roaring bonfires and tested sleeping bags, tents, and the odd heated blanket in subzero (Centigrade) temps and gale force winds. Still in the throes of pneumonia induced feverishness, we’re experiencing “euphoric recall”, insuring that we’ll miss the immediate aftermath of this traumatic event that brain scientists tell us is our only opportunity  to permanently store the traumatic experience in memory and insure we’ll never come back again. Yup, we’ll be back next year, and we’re hoping for snow!