Friday noonish… The calm before the storm. Two /2 engines have already been rebuilt and work is underway on a few more “modern” Airheads.

Two hoists, no waiting!

Power tool mayhem… Helicoiling a stripped fill plug.

Parking got a bit tight… Not that anyone cared.

Goin’ in deep… Duplex timing chain R&R with sprockets in situ.

Yes, they made Airheads before 1970. Some of the riders are newer models, though…

Grinning Airhead rider/wrench and assistants- they just replaced the timing chain AND exhaust system!

Again, the southwest Florida airheads lead the way- great food and more than ample shop facilities thanks to our hosts Kim & Roger, lotsa experienced wrenches to guide the less experienced ones like me, and a half hundred like minded gearheads to commune with. We rebuilt two engines, closed up my tranny, repaired at least one RT fairing, and set more valves than you can shake a feeler guage at.

Other clubs, take note: This is the way it should be.