Yup, it’s come down to this… double digit top speeds (barely) and no suspension to tune an’ tinker with. And quieter than an electric car, but for the occasional fart or belch.

But the bicycle is the evolutionary link that brought us to motorcycles, cars, trucks, and planes. And where did we learn the essential skills to ride a motorcycle and more wheeled vehicles? On a bicycle! It’s no accident that the first flight at Kitty Hawk was made by a couple of bicycle mechanics.

Sometimes we need to go back to our roots… Especially when our personal mass is in triple digits even when you measure in kilograms. And on a machine like the pictured Bike Friday this isn’t really much of a sacrifice- folds up to small suitcase size, weights but 26 pounds, and enough gears to get the most winded and overweight gearhead over the steepest hill. What’s not to like?

So GearheadGrrrl’s infernal combustion engines remained silent on New Year’s Day. Went for a ride down by the Gulf and lunch at Subway… Sorry, Micky D’s. Will be repeating the one HumanPower rides, but not to worry… I’ve not the slightest interest in adding a bike racked Prius to the GearheadGrrrl fleet.