What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Yup, I know, the sledheads are in deep depression and inbibing (more) heavily. Last winter there was a solid meter high snowdrift here, and during one blizzard the farthest you could see was the evergreen tree. This is some strange weather- highs above freezing almost every day this week, and nothing but a bit of rain today and maybe flurries tonight in the forecast.

This keeps up, the pretty much empty new strip malls near my humble abode on the edge of the everglades will never be occupied. Gettin’ so the only reason I’m headin’ down there next week is to remind the landlord that I’m still around and not to be pushed around. And oh, I forgot- there’s the most excellent SW Florida Airhead Tech Day(s), which rumor has it may very well expand to the better part of a week’s duration. Heck, the temps are forecast to hit 40 farenheit  the day after Xmas… Probably won’t be above freezing ’til noon, but by dark and the cool off I could probably make Omaha at least, and south of there I’d have warm and clear riding. Then again, If the temps return to “normal” I’d be stuck in Florida until spring, which might not be a bad thing…