Been on the road- to Minneapolis on Sunday, drop off the dead power washer @ Costco and then an 8 hour political meeting. Stay over @ my rustic cabin in da hood, AKA my garage. Spend monday morning finding extra keys so I can let neighbor Brian use the garage for the winter. Then had parts to pick up at Motion Industries in Marshall, not sure how early they close, so no stopping to blog. Made Motion Industries with time to spare, so head to Marshall library to blog. Marshall library’s WiFi is acting up again, and this time it don’t work at all. Marshall library’s techie isn’t out sick like last week, but is now reportedly in a meeting. To make matters worse, Marshall provides few other WiFi options- the Coffee House closes at 4 pm, McDonald’s WiFi has in my memory never worked, and Culver’s has been dead for a month now after an “upgrade”, and the University’s “guest” system is password “protected”, from what I don’t know. Clearly, Marshall is racing back to the old and not good side of the digital divide, and at the rate they’re going they’ll probably be banning horseless carriages next.

Fortunately we’ve got a bunch of small towns and businesses out here that are more forward thinking- there’s towns out here that are not even 1/10th the size of Marshall that are providing multiple sources of WiFi broadband access. Marshall, what’s your problem?