Downright depressing here this mornin’- Traffic (at least the smart ones) are gently passing by on the Highway 23 skating rink at 30 to 40 MPH or so. A trace of snow overnight, but the temp dropped below freezing and the snow melted then refroze and with the traffic and gusty winds turned to ice. First DOT truck came by about 8, dump box up and sander giving it’s all at about 20 MPH… Not a good sign. Musta kept up that pace, because the DOT truck is based 20 miles away at Pipestone and didn’t return ’til 10 am. By noon the “sheltered” northbound lane was wet at worst, but the windward lane still had patches of ice… Winter is here, and the forecast is for below freezing temps for the forecastable future.

Twas a jolt after a “global warming” November, one of the few on the tundra when I’ve put a thousand miles on the bikes. Was out with the hack’d GS yesterday, put on about 20 fun miles trying to make the clutch slip again. The gurus over at the airheads list at suggested that the problem might be a swelled up plastic “piston” in the clutch actuating mechanism that’s binding, given that it only slips after the bike is warmed up. Well, I warmed it up for 20 miles yesterday and it still wouldn’t slip… Maybe it’s “machined” it’s diameter down enough and/or greased itself enough that it doesn’t bind? Oh well, doesn’t look to hard to take apart, maybe I’ll pull it out and mic it. Doesn’t look like the weather will allow any distractions like riding, so what else I got to do but wrench (and blog).

I’m not planning on heading to my edge of the Everglades hidaway ’til after the holidays and looks like I’ll be back for politics by the first week in Februrary… Why can’t we do like the parlimentary democracies and get the whole election circus over in a few weeks? Only benefit to the short Florida vacation is that I can catch the airhead transmission tech session in Kansas City in mid december, and maybe the airhead super tech weekend in Pennsylvania on the way home?