Over at Erik Buell Racing they’re brainstorming an ultimate bike too, and have asked for followers help on their Facebook page; Here’s the link:   http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Erik-Buell-Racing/197762537495

Hmmm… Debug the belt drive and enjoy an efficient drivetrain with no power robbing 90 degree turns? Might make an alternative ultimate motorcycle to the airhead…

Media (relations) matters: After my fruitless attempt to get a stupid question about the Cruze’s turbo answered by media.gm.com, I’m falling in love with Volvo Trucks media relations folks. Want an answer from GM? “Register” with them and if they deign you important (and probably not an enemy of the corporation) they might answer your question. Compare that with Volvo Trucks, where the staffer who didn’t know me from Adam answered my e-mailed question courtiously and promptly, even though it was on a weekend. Having blogged at length in support of the government loans that saved GM, I’m clearly not an enemy. But then again, I did award electric cars one of my “turkey of the year” awards, and GM does make one. Oh well, if they can’t handle a little criticism their corporation don’t deserve to survive. And if GM don’t want to talk, on the other side of the wall about ten feet to my right is a new Cruze with a turbo that the dealer doesn’t seem to mind me examining.