Seems like I’m not the only one complaining about Volvo Truck’s “economy package”, available only with their automatic transmission. Volvo had a press event with test drives and had a truck with their economy engine and manual transmission  as well as a truck with the “economy package”. Apparently Volvo has figured out that we American truckers like to order “a la carte” instead of the “package de jour”. I may rant a bit more on the subject in a later post.

The first sticking (for a day or two) snow of the year is forecast, so I spent the morning cleaning out my two car garage so I can fit four cars and a couple bikes with sidecars in. Basic stuff, move anything that will fit through the front door to the storeroom(s) and move the dead ‘uns to the back corners and out of the way. The Mini was especially obstinate, either the front brakes or transmission are locked up. Had to put the front end on a moving dolly to horse it into position… Reminder that I need to get the restoration started!