1. Put your daily driver in the back of the garage on a day too windy to ride.

2. Tear apart the bike your working on between said daily driver and the garage door.

That’s the sidecar frame being attached to the GS. Now this looks like a simple procedure, 4 bolts to install… Not! I wasn’t happy with the leveling and alignment of the last mounting, and that was on a slightly different bike. So I started by sliding things around to get the frame level. Of course, the adjustments are not “uncoupled”, a term veteran sports wheelchair wrenches will understand. Like adjusting the camber on my old Quickie sports chair… get the camber where you want it and the toe would be off, scrubbing off much needed speed. So you did a “trial and error” alignment, using washers between the wheel mounts and frame in varying combinations ’til you got it right dropped from exhaustion.

So I spent two hours messing with adjustments, then took a break. Another two hours and cabin fever set in, so I had lunch and went for a drive to explore another Lincoln County park. It’s hooked up enough for the bike to stand upright, but I still haven’t checked the toe and who knows what else may need more “adjusting”. If there’s nothing good on TV tonight I may work on it a bit more.