“Shop”? Heck, the bikes and other wheeled amusements are taking over the whole dang house! Currently got the Yamaha MX250, GS, and LS in the living room. I’d probably have a few in the bedrooms too, but I don’t think they’d make the 90 degree turns off the hall…

Ahh… The comforts of home!

The south facing windows are great for letting in natural light to work by, one of the reasons I prefer the living room to the garage. But I’m still ticked that what looked to be a Mini/sidecar wide patio door turned out to only have one side that opens. I may change that some day, or replace the garage door with one of them pricey “window walls” that opens like a garage door. But heck, a warm fire in the corn stove, easy chairs at the ready, and fresh apples from the grove out back… What’s not to like?

The occasion of all the wrenching was moving the big sidecar (Motorvation Formula II) from the much put upon R65LS to the more able (but less reliable) R100GS. So I unbolted the sidecar in the garage, then rolled the bikes into the living room where I could transfer the sidecar subframe and mounts, to the accompaniment of “Almanac” and “Farm to Market”.

The GS will be escorted back to the garage for engagement to the sidecar tonight or tomorrow, depending on how motivated I am. The LS will probably be staying for the winter while I replace it’s clutch and rear splines after a mere 110,000 miles.