Looks like a few trains left ’til AMTK shuts the North East Corridor down for the blizzard tonight. But $105 only gets you from Boston to DC…

For once, Mack’s agency of record de jour for social media did something right, hopping on the blizzard induced blizzard of social media to highlight their product, which is pretty much the official snowplow truck of Greater Gotham. Was even going to complement them on this bit of media wizardry… WTF, what happened to the comment line?

Looks like the media mavens working for Mack decided to censor this critic… A critic who loves mack and just happens to be a somewhat nervous shareholder of their parent company Volvo. And with Volvo essentially trying to jack up the Bulldog hood ornament and slide a Volvo underneath, I’ve had good reason to be critical, as have the legions of Mack lovers. And unlike bloggers like me who’ve never bought anything bigger than a pickup, those legions of Mack lovers buy big trucks, and increasingly they’re not buying Mack’s media BS or their trucks.

Next up: Can Gotham do a better job of dealing with a couple feet of snow than Atlanta did with a couple inches?

There was a couple days post Tech Daze depression, but we moved on to the Flywheelers’ annual swap meet/big boys (and girls) toy show! Having some trouble uploading pics of the usual display of mechanical “diversity” at the Flywheelers event, but much of it was the same as previous years, and I was hangin’ with three serious flea market shoppers intent on tool mongering, so I missed some of the better displays of mechanical excess anyways. Besides, I know better than to shop at old tractor, etc. shows as most of the stuff I’d buy wouldn’t fit in my car, never mind on my motorcycle!

So on the the Florida Rally…

DSC_3747Now this is one rally nobody is complaining about, unless they didn’t get their registration in quick enough to fit under the 500 person limit imposed by the facilities. Besides the most excellent vittles and the Airhead’s never-ending campfire and beverages, they had a dual sport ride, and let this /2 conversion on knobbies slip past their “dual sport bikes only” definition. The ride drew some late model ‘hack entrants too, in the form of this oil head with CSM sidecar and mountings:

DSC_3743Temps even flirted with 70, a far cry from previous year’s rallies when they never rose out of the 40s and we spent much of the weekend huddled around the campfire for warmth… But we had one heck of a campfire anyway!


But not before we lined up a trio of GS/PDs for some pix:


But all good things must come to an end, at least ’til the next airhead tech day(s)…


DSC_3675Rider made the mistake of using his ST’s battery for “hotel power” overnight, and didn’t want to wait for the battery to charge before his 400 mile ride home. Our championship “pusher” team sprung into action and quickly had him bump started… Haven’t heard back from him so his airhead must still be runnin’. Can you even bump start the new bikes?

DSC_3669Yup, the nasty and often prolonged job of inserting a paralever driveshaft into ┬áthe final drive… Done in less than a minute with three airheads managing the individual bits.

DSC_3672Couple of airheads on R90Ss went for a test ride, the HOT wire to the starter shorted to the starter housing and a great deal of sacred smoke was released. Following Airhead rider quickly removed the battery cable and the source of the fire. The scorched R90S w promptly repaired and is back on the road!

DSC_3663That troublesome pinion ring takin’ torque!

DSC_3664Going back on the bike as I speak…


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