DSC_3653Shop doors are open to the warm sun, with three airheads under repair as well as a /2 transmission.

DSC_3654Four more airheads getting’ wrenched on the driveway, as well as a bunch of hangers on offering the usual plethora of advice, solicited or otherwise. Still early in the day, maybe we can beat the record of thirteen airheads being wrenched at once at Kevin’s North Florida Airhead Tech Day?

DSC_3644Low 50s kinda chilly (by Flatistan standards), so we haven’t opened the big shop door yet. But it’s warm and giggawatts light inside, and we’re working on a couple bikes besides BSing and getting properly caffeinated and pancaked. And to further the upbeat trend, looks like we solved the GS/PD pinion nut problem discussed on the Airlist last night. Looks like the start of another awesome airhead day!

DSC_3642We took a break for pizza, what self respecting airhead can resist the challenge of an reluctant final drive that refuses to be reassembled? So we soldier on, inventing new and devious ways to get a threaded ring to actually thread.

DSC_3641Those of us that couldn’t crowd in on that action ogled this pair of R90S…

DSC_3633Attempting to insert new paralever pivot bearings in an R100GS. Still only part way home, making a new plan of attack…

DSC_3626Gotta make sure the “turkey” is well cooked…

DSC_3627And ready to be “stuffed”!

DSC_3624Meanwhile, our “tent city” is growing!

DSC_3620Removing a stubborn pinion nut, R100GS/PD. We made the tool, too…

DSC_3606Our logistics specialists made quick work of unloading an R90S… Didn’t want anyone to see a BMW on a pickup, so we worked fast!

DSC_3601Having recovered from last night’s margaritas and Mexican fare, we’re sobering up with scrambled eggs, pastries, and coffee. And the shop is… Almost empty of airheads. Havin’ fixed near everything we started yesterday, all that’s left is a spline lube and the prolonged rebuild of a /2 transmission. We’re at risk of boredom, and bored airheads are a dangerous thing. So airheads of Flatistan, “bring out your dead”!


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